Dr. Abour Cherif
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Student Laboratory Manuals and Virtual Labs:


  • Wooll, J, Horn, K., Shah, M. Cherif, A. and Aron, B. (Eds)(2008). BIOS
    245: Introduction to Cellular Biology Student Laboratory Manual. Pearson Custom Publishing. (ISBN 9780558026783). New!

  • Student Laboratory Manual for Foundations of Modern Biology and Chemistry.  Edited by Cherif, A. H., Michel, L. O., Jedlicka, D., Jenkins, S. and Movahedzadeh, F., (2009)  Pearson Education: Benjamin Cummings and Custom Publishing. (in press).

  • Student Laboratory Manuals for Nutrition, Health, and Wellness An Applied Approach. Edited Jedlicka, by Cherif, A., and Aron, R. (2008).  Pearson Education - Custom Publishing, (in press)

  • Environmental Science Vistual Labs.  By Cherif, A., Dunning, J.  and Jedlicka, D. (2008). Pearson Education - Custom Publishing
  • Student Laboratory Manuals for Organic Chemistry for Liberal Arts and Communication. Edited by Cannon, C., Jenkins, S., Budy, B., Siuda, J., and Cherif, A. (2007).  Pearson Education - Custom Publishing. (ISBN: 10-0-5364-1049-6)

  • Biology the Living World Student Laboratory Manual (2nd). Gerstner, C, and Cherif, A. (2006).  Pearson Education. (ISBN: 0536222347)
  • Biology the Living World Around Us:  Student Laboratory Manual.   By Gerstner, C.  and  Cherif, A., (2005). Pearson Education Custom Publishing.  First Edition (ISBN:0536118868)

  • Environmental Science Student Laboratory Manual.  By Gerstner, C., Cherif, A., Adams, G., and Cannon, C. (2004). Pearson Education Custom Publishing. (ISBN 0-536-75406-3)

  • Student Laboratory Manual for Biology the Living World Around Us.  By Cherif,  Abour (2001).   Pearson Education Custom Publishing (ISBN 0-536-62219-1).




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