Dr. Abour Cherif
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Published Science Lab Kits:
  • Chemical Reaction In Living Matter © NEOSCI Publishing Corporation

  • Food Chemistry & Nutrition Lab Investigation:  Understanding The Chemical Basis of Food Content © NEOSCI Publishing Corporation.

  • Milk Madness Lab Investigation:  The Thrill of Discovery Through Active Student Participation © NEOSCI Publishing Corporation

  • Chemical Reactions Lab Investigation: Conduct an Interdisciplinary  Exploration of Chemical Reactions. © NEOSCI Publishing Corporation
  • Understanding pH Lab Investigation: An Inquiry-based Approach to Understanding Acidity and Alkalinity.© NEOSCI Publishing Corporation.
  • Understanding Acids, Bases & Salts Lab Investigation. © NEOSCI Publishing Corporation
  • Learning Activities With Everyday Oils:  An Integrated, Hands-on Science Curriculum.©  NEOSCI Publishing Corporation.
  • Soda Pop Science:  Exploring Science in Carbonated Soft Drinks.© NEOSCI Publishing Corporation.




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