Dr. Abour Cherif
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Leadership Lectures, Seminars, & Workshops:

I have conducted a number of lectures, seminars and workshop that were designed specifically to promote the development of leadership and or talk about the concept of leadership in societies and/or higher education.  For examples:

  • Leadership Work cases In The Workplace. This hands-on workshop deals with real cases that decision-makers can encounter on day-to day bases in their workplace and the potential decisions that a person might take to solve the case.  The actually decision of how each case was solved by the actual person who encounter the case is also discussed.
  • Action Research As A means to Promote the Development of Leadership in Higher Education.
  • Chairs Development Leadership Workshop.
  • Faculty Development Leadership Workshops. 
  • Building Leadership In Local IIHFD Organizations.
  • Identifying and Promoting Leaderships Within IIHFD.

I Attended:

  • The 7- Habits Training Workshop (2004 and 2006) Chicago Illinois
  • The 2001 NABT First Leadership Development Conference, at Montreal, Quebec, Canada, November 9-10, 2001.
  • The 2001 NSTA -JCST Board Members Professional Development
  • Workshop, at St. Louis Missouri March 22-25, 2001.
  • The 2001 DeVry Institute of Technology Deans Development Leadership Workshop. Chicago, Illinois.  November 19-24, 2001.
  • The 2001 DeVry Institute of Technology Chairs Development Workshop. Chicago, Illinois.  September 8-9, 2001.
  • The 2000 DeVry Institute of Technology Faculty Development Leadership Workshop. Chicago, Illinois.  June 2000.



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